Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, Display

MOHOTEC offers the best quality panels to manufacturers and repairers around the world.  Panels from MOHOTEC have the ability for you to develop new business and support any kind of repairs. 


MOHOTEC offers panels which can withstand any kinds of harsh environments like high temperature, vibration and high pressure. Besides, our panels are also durable and sunlight readable. Depending on your specific need, panels from MOHOTEC can meet all military situations for army, military aircraft, battleship and more demanding usages.

● Rugged computer
● Military vehicle


● Surveillance system
● Communication equipment


MOHOTEC provides industrial panels that can be utilized for a variety of purposes in your manufacturing process. They are designed to withstand high temperature, high humid, strong impacts, electrical interference and chemical corrosion. Our products can be used for operator interface, control panel, HMI and monitoring. Panels from MOHOTEC can live up to all your manufacturing process precisely.


● Processing equipment
● QC / QA system
● Measurement


● Industrial rackmount computer
● Factory automation


MOHOTEC supplies panels which can be applied to the wide range of medical area. Our products are applicable to different specifications with high brightness, long life time, high definition and outstanding operability. Applicable to Surgical operation, radiology suite, patient monitoring and more medical requirements, we aim to provide the highest quality solutions to the healthcare industry.

● Vital signs equipment
● Medical tablet
● Surgical display

● Radiology system
● Diagnostics system


MOHOTEC offers outstanding reliability and long-term durability panels that can be utilized in maritime area. Resisting to pressure, extreme temperature and more tough environments. Used in marine display, marine rescue and ship control room, our panels support you with all problems above and below sea level.

● Control room system
● Navigation system
● Submarine display

● Rescue device
● Weather solutions


MOHOTEC supplies panels with high brightness and light weight, and they are well-used in wide range of airborne business. Besides, remarkable endurance to temperature, pressure and humid is also the advantage for your high-altitude business. For safety and accuracy, our panels can fit all kinds of status in the sky including airborne surveillance, air force, air traffic control and radar tracking. 

● Navigation devices
● Maintenance system

● Simulation equipment
● Flight dashboard


MOHOTEC provides you panels with high brightness, high operability and long-term durability. Even in a dim light space, you can still have a smooth experience during gaming. Mixed all these advantages, we can give you the best solution for your gaming business.

● Slot machine
● Lottery machine

● Arcade game machine